mAvErIck spEAks

Friday, September 02, 2005


A fellow blogger on a different blog forum, in a post said to himself, ‘My dreams looking at me said to one another - This life has let us down.’

This, probably, must be his observation about his own life or at the end of his life (not really the end), he, in a pensive mood, gloomily talked to himself about his disappointing life, as far as his dreams were concerned.

In a TV ad for an insurance company, the narrator says, ‘Life – its all about making your wishes comes true…’

I was talking to a colleague of mine in the morning and his dreams suddenly cropped up from nowhere and took over the usual discussion. And then there was no end to it. Later others too joined and moments later we had a collage of a discussion, with everyone’s dreams lying spread eagle on table. Some dreams were funny, some were kinky, some serious, some too ambitious, some were just. But all had dreams.

Dreams – the fuel, which keeps the human soul going. The reason to live life.

Back to that statement, which lay the platform for this post, ‘My dreams looking at me said to one another - This life has let us down.’ What I realized today was that everyone has some dream or the other. And everyone is passionate enough about one’s dreams. It’s just that the kind of efforts needed to be put in to realize dreams vary. And there lies the difference. Those who go whole hog to achieve their dreams are called winners and those who couldn’t achieve what they dreamt of get into brooding moods and make statements like this. Not that I am holding them culprits for not putting efforts. There can be many reasons and circumstances that work as obstacles on the way to realize dreams. But everyone does try, at least once; to make ones dreams come true.

I am not putting in enough to realize my dreams. I too want to give it a try, at least once. I want to give my hundred percent to achieve, what I want to. So that, at the end of my life, I don’t say, ‘My dreams looking at me said to one another - This life has let us down.’

God, please help me.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pure Pleasure.

As a human being, we desire and seek many forms of pleasure – Carnal and intellectual. But today let me explain to you a pleasure, which has neither carnal nor intellectual belonging. It’s something very common yet uncommon.

I happened to call my friend, who stays in Amritsar, a city in Punjab, this morning. Now nothing unusual about it; I often call my friends who stay in other cities. Perhaps this is one reason that I get quite hefty telephone bills. Again, what’s the big deal…hundreds of people have a cell phone connection that make STD or even ISD calls. But for someone like me who earns peanuts for his living, a hefty telephone bill certainly proves to be a jolt to an already over budget scheme of things.

Back to the pleasure thing. I called up my friend and talked for a while…we could exchange greetings and even chatted about his plans to some to Delhi and meet me. Then we said good bye to each other and I disconnected. To my surprise, the call just lasted 59 seconds. It was a surprise, a very pleasant one; a shock, which I would certainly like to get more often; a state of pleasure, pure pleasure. It was like a satisfying orgasm, which gives you a deep sense of fulfillment…


Sunday, August 28, 2005


There is something about argument. You start it with one point and end up at a completely different point. With the aim of getting down to the solution to a problem, we most often take a completely different route, miles away from the real solution, and in the way we pick that extra baggage up, which makes the journey towards solution difficult, weary and impossible to finish. And at the end, what we get is a completely different picture, which rather proves to be an umbilical chord to many such arguments, unending… unsettling …and disturbing…

I learnt this while I was in an argument with someone; a lesson indeed. In fact we all know it. It’s just that while in argument, we are blinded by our sense of superiority. Our ego overpowers us so much that we fail to see others view…

But I found a solution for it...

It happened all on its own…we both didn’t try to do it. In fact all of a sudden, we were on our way towards it. Suddenly the ‘other’ took an about turn and went to the point from where the argument started. It was just like a countdown. And we could actually see the tangles getting solved…

Though we didn’t reach to the conclusion for which we started arguing but at the end we were less confused and fatigued as we could shed that ‘extra baggage’.

It’s really important to have that rewind button, when in an argument, as it lets you track down that path…from where you started, where you have reached and to where you are heading for. It tells you where you got distracted from the way you should be treading on…

Always keep a place for that rewind button in your arguments, and your arguments will soon start reaching to the conclusions…