mAvErIck spEAks

Thursday, July 07, 2005


For the past few days the world around me, which included some of my friends and few of my colleagues, was upside down. Everyone had only one sole concern, only one mission – get that Mallika Shehrawat’s MMS about which our national dailies were so informative about. (In fact sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we had no newspapers or TV channels…we would have been deprived of so much cheap fun and sleaze). And finally today, I could see it on my desk, in my PC. One of my friends’ loyalists has sent him that clip. And with it he sent numerous others in which nubiles are either having fun in a corner or are on the verge of losing their virginity. Yes that Mallika’s MMS does have a girl who somewhat resembles her but definitely not Mallika. Why do I say so…I have my reasons. I have seen that 9 mins clip and that tells me that the girl doesn’t have Mallika’s body language.

So the sex, sleaze and ‘fun’ have entered office cubicles. Pornography has finally arrived. Watching these clips and several similar clips (and believe me, there are numerous), I felt as if the great Indian camera love refuses to die. Ever observed how people form a herd, the moment they see a camera roving on the streets. In these MMS, the moment a girl spots the camera (yes some of them were not exactly ‘hidden cameras’. The girls were aware of a camera’s presence) she starts either stripping or behaving erotically. And then there were some, where the protagonist was actually a hidden camera.

It all started with the infamous DPS MMS, which took the nation by surprise. For the first time, people paused and took notice of this device called camera phone and its unique usage. Then there were many of them followed…many, some of them even involving celebs and page 3 residents. I remember asking one net friend of mine, who was a student in one of the senior classes, in one of the so called ‘reputed schools’, about this. Her reaction was, ‘oh all this was normal in schools since ages. Only this time someone dared to film it and circulate it’. I find, perhaps it wasn’t about daring. It was about facility and availability of resources. Of course I too remember hearing rumors about some school-slut sleeping with some senior guy, when I was still to figure out difference between a slut and a girl.

Just on my hunch, I did a google search…punched in Porn MMS and I wasn’t heading for a surprise. There were numerous links and news articles suggesting that MMS and camera phones have hit big time and the world’s never going to be the same. The voyeuristic instinct in humans has a new extension now. The camera phones and MMS – a classic example of Frankenstein, gone berserk. Couple of days earlier, I read a story which said Einstein held himself responsible for Hiroshima…

On the D day, who is going to take responsibility for these cyber bombs...may be the society.