mAvErIck spEAks

Friday, November 28, 2008

A terror show or a show of terror...

It is disguting to observe how some people have been watching news, since last night, on the latest terror attacks in Mumbai. For them, it's rather a chunk from some Reality TV show, where both the parties involved - the forces and the militants - are trying to overpower each other, than a national tragedy. Some of them have even wrapped up work early tonight and made an equally disgusting and shameless statement, that ''I am leaving early...will watch the news at home all night long on couch, with some beer and'll be fun...''.

Have we finally hit a state where we are losing our sensitivity to issues like these, and losing it fast...or is the naive media responsible which has ultimately turned a serious business like news into a pedestrian affair like a juggler's roadshow or street cricket commentary? The way some news channels have handled the situation, the line between a journalist's reporting and a hawker's cry is thinning.

In a crisis like these, when minds become ultra suggestible, we need a mature media than a bunch of over enthusiasts who mindlessly carry forward the orders from the TRP bosses sitting in the cosy rooms while a man from force is fighting it out in the open amidst bullets raining from all sides.