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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Shrek meets Fiona

Once there was an ugly ogre, living far – far away, deep inside the woods, near a swamp, all alone. His swamp was his world as he lived a reclusive life, faraway from those who lived in a so called civilized society and called themselves ‘humans’. It’s not that the Shrek, the ugly ogre, never tried to go and see those humans and live among them like humans. Several times did he try to be a part of that society, but the so called humans always denounced him, damned him and rejected him as he was too scary and ugly to live with them. The humans, one day, found that Shrek wasn’t worth living with them and he must not try to do that anymore. They stoned Shrek out of the city and chased him away in the woods. Shrek too had it enough. He decided never to return to the city and with a heavy heart, moist eyes, he bid the city and its folks good bye, to never get back to the city again.

Shrek was now in the woods. He selected this swamp as his abode and created a world of his own, where no one had any problem living with his raw sense and not so charming personality. No one even asked him, ‘hey Shrek, how can you live with that ugly face on your shoulders’. Shrek was happy because no one around him had any questions to ask him. Shrek was happy as he didn’t have to answer anybody. Shrek was happy as he was living in the world, which accepted him as he was and didn’t want him to change, but Shrek was alone…aloof…and sad.

Shrek didn’t have any friend with whom he could talk to…Shrek didn’t have any one with whom he could share his moments…Shrek didn’t have anyone who could ask Shrek, ‘are you happy here’?

Then one day, while Shrek was looking for his breakfast in the woods, he saw someone behind the bushes. Shrek was first amazed – who would it be…deep inside the woods – and then angry – they didn’t let me live in their world and now they are after my woods, my swamp. This is my swamp and this is my jungle and I am going to beat the hell out of them if they want my woods.

Shrek approached to what was still a silhouette to him. Hiding himself behind the trees, then bushes, making absolutely no noise, Shrek was getting nearer to this intruder. Filled with the childlike anger, Shrek got closer. But what’s this…what did he see…it was some…..some girl. Golden hair, big eyes and an angelic face…Shrek was still for a while…..until the voice greeted him. ‘Hi. My name is Fiona. I live in that city, far – far away. I have come here with my father on hunting. What’s your name?’ ‘My name is Shrek and I am an ugly, bad ogre. And what did u say…you are hunting’, Shrek replied. Fiona answered calmly, ‘hi Shrek, that’s a nice name. My father is on hunting but I like to collect flowers, so I am collecting few flowers, which I don’t find in my city. You live here… I must say you have some wonderful flowers here’. ‘Ya, Ya. I know. They are my flowers’, Shrek was still angry. ‘Oh that’s so good…then you must show me some more Shrek….you will, won’t you Shrek?’

Shrek was puzzled. How can a human be so good to an ogre…why dint this girl screamed at the very sight of him and ran to get some help…why this girl’s being so nice to him…

‘Fiona…Fiona…’ a voice came calling Fiona in the woods and Fiona said to Shrek, ‘ohh it’s father. He wants me there, Shrek. But it was nice meeting you Shrek. I’ll take your leave Shrek and I’ll see you tomorrow again. Bye Shrek’.

Shrek couldn’t believe…for the first time somebody was so nice to Shrek but he believed he wouldn’t see Fiona again…

I know one Shrek who has met a Fiona today. We all know (those who have watched SHREK) the story of Shrek and Fiona too…the story above is the story of my Shrek…I could never write climaxes for my stories. All my stories don’t have any endings. I want to take this story to a conclusion…