mAvErIck spEAks

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Once bitten.

Peter Parker changed overnight. He became Spiderman, a super hero, with amazing super powers, web-wielding, oscillating from one building to another, defying gravity. What made it all happen…what was behind such a miraculous episode…Our poor Peter Parker was bitten by a spider, which infested miraculous powers into him…

So far so good. That’s not my bone of contention. It starts from this point on. Why always destiny proves to be a step mom to me?

Last Sunday, while on a scooter trip, with my friend Aditya, something strikingly similar happened to me that happened with Peter Parker. It was a pitch dark night and we two were on Aditya’s scooter, me as a pillion, returning from some friend’s. As Aditya took a turn, the vehicle slowed down a little and suddenly I felt as if someone’s pulling my pants down from the bottom. Before I could realize, I saw a jaw which was clutched to my left leg. Otherwise sturdy and rough, my Jeans couldn’t save me and what I had now was a hole in it and a pair of jaws trying to have a bite on my leg. The Grrrr…..sound made Aditya conscious and he tried to speed the scooter. By now I could sense that I was under attack; an attack from someone I took to be really friendly. It was a black, spotless dog, as black as the night. And its jaws were as strong as any wild beast’s. We two were frightened, as it was the first time for both of us to encounter such a thing. Somehow, Aditya managed to give some speed to the vehicle and meanwhile I managed to shrug the dog off and release myself from its grip.

Reaching my place, I assessed the damage. Poor beast couldn’t have much of my meat, in fact nothing of it. But it was still enough to give everyone shivers at home. The phobia of a dog bite is so furious that my folks had already given me a ‘crazy’ tag. Questions, as bizarre as the incident followed. ‘Was it a street dog or was it a pet dog’, ‘why the hell did you venture out to a spot like that at this hour’, ‘why did u leave home this evening’, ‘you can even go mad, you know’…I was already branded a culprit and no one wanted to listen to anything. Mixed feelings of reluctance and fear dawned on me and I was rushed to a medic immediately, with my dad accompanying me. Treatment is still on….and would go till 1st of January, 2006.

All this while, I was waiting for my share of Superpowers. Where are the powers which would make my sense of smell as strong as a sniffer…where are the powers which would make me run fast, as fast as a Labrador… where are my powers which would make me powerful, as strong as an Alsatian…where are my powers which would make me a superhero…Dogman or perhaps Doggyman or Terrier or anything with a dog or one of the breeds as an appendage to my name.

Destiny once again proved to be my step mom.