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Friday, January 19, 2007


12.30 am. The last tap on notebook’s key pad…Turn Off.

An article completed…few mails sent…some quick chat with friends…few scraps scribbled on Orkut…a blog posted and I am done for the day.

Time to make the bed…roll in and play dead.

One look at the bed, which played my work table a little while ago, queered me. The bed looked nothing but a labyrinth…

Wires, wires everywhere.

A wire for notebook battery…a wire for internet connection…a wire for cell-phone charger…a wire for headset connected to the phone…and a wire for headphones connected to notebook...

Welcome to the wired world.

Uh..oh…not exactly. Wireless technology has arrived long back. Seemed this post is tad too late.

But my consternation and concern remains the same.

All this technology around us makes our lives simpler or makes it rather more complex? Aren’t we too dependent on it? Don’t we act like slaves of it, if it happens to crash even for a moment?


I got to clean this mess up, make my bed and sleep for a while, before the alarm goes off in the cell phone.


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