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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hello sir, Good morning. This is Rashmi.

The Prelude.
Ok, this was in my mind since many days, only the appropriate motivation was needed and since I am writing about it today, that means that it had to be either today or never. In fact previously on two occasions, I started it and left it unfinished. But now no more.

The Call Centre Menace.
Picture this – You are in the middle of a meeting with your client and your phone rings… You pick up with much hesitation and apprehension as the number isn’t familiar to you. And there you have it…a fake accent and a hyper sweet and sassy voice greets you. “Good Morning sir, I am Sakshi, on behalf of XYZ Bank. Sir, our bank has selected you for a loan approval for 19,500 Rs. and for that…blah…blah…blah”.

All hell breaks loose and your temper gets to a soaring heights.

Now picture this – You are catching your noon siesta on a sultry day and your phone goes... “Hi Sir, This is Ritu from ABC Cellular. Sir, our company is offering this new cell phone scheme to only a select few and you are the chosen one for today… blah…blah…blah”.

And you are again at it.

Sometimes I feel that these Telesales bring much hatred to the company instead of business. Who would give a company, business, who so daringly intrudes anyone’s privacy? But well…the figures show otherwise. The number of call centers mushrooming up on the out skirts of the city, building a new city on the suburbs, hefty pay packages to the employees, numerous facilities, perks and an independent life style. All this hints that here is an industry on rise.

But like any other industry, shouldn’t this too follow certain rules and stick to ethics or no one has laid any norms for them?
I have few anecdotes to narrate featuring these Tele-callers and my friends who receive numerous numbers of calls everyday. I would post it from tomorrow. Just keep looking the space.


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